Wednesday, 16 April 2014

WIP Wednesday: Scattered

Normally I try to keep my active WIPs to two each week.  But this week I'm inspired in a ton of different directions and haven't been able to keep myself from working on a bit of everything.

I have been able to keep myself focused on the Triangle Quilt Along.  I finished up my quilt top this week and plan to have it basted.

This guy is 75% quilted and I plan on getting back to him tomorrow.

But probably not until I finish up the remaining blocks for my Global Scrap Bee quilt.

These lovely Dresden pieces are for one of my Library Projects and I love this fabric so much (Meadow by Leah Duncan) that I have needed to find time to cut into them.

And Monday inspiration struck while perusing IG and it definitely wouldn't wait for me to have a chunk of free time.  So while watching Game of Thrones I cut out these petals.  I predict they will be turned into something sooner than later.

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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Triangle Along Progress

Is it Thursday already!  Holy cow this week has flown by.  Of course, I've been kept pretty busy by more than a few non-sewing activities.

  • My "baby" turned four.  How did that happen?!  We had chocolate chip pancakes upon her request :)
  • My eldest had a bladder infection and was miserable.
  • I decided it was time to banish the builder's beige in our bedroom (we've lived here 2 1/2 years!)
  • Game of Thrones and The Voice.  'Nuff said LOL
What sewing time I did have was filled with triangles.  I'm glad that I made this my ALYOF goal for the month.  There are other projects that I've wanted to get started on but I don't need another half finished project lying around!  

I have to say that these are coming together much easier than I expected, most likely due to only working with two colors.  Less to keep track of.  Although they are definitely not a mindless sewing project.  The few times I was distracted, I ended up unpicking LOL.  So far everything is looking good but I am not making any grand statements until I have connected rows with points intact!

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Friday, 4 April 2014

Friday Finish: Scrappy Strings

This quilt has been a bit of an obsession for me.  Way back in September I made four blocks when I was having a crappy day and absolutely loved them.  I love the process and the effect of the finished blocks.  But then I was hit with a pile of obligation/deadline sewing.  But I thought about those blocks often and yearned to make more.

In January , I got back to them but was thwarted by a lack of prepared strings.  In March, when I started sorting and cutting my scraps this quilt shuffled it's way to the top of the pile.  Once I started, I just couldn't stop.

I absolutely LOVE this quilt.  I wish that it was staying in my home.  But it makes me very happy to be giving a quilt I love so much to a person I love that much.  I met my neighbour Charlotte a few days after we closed on our house and we just connected.  Sometimes you just know from the first meeting that someone will play a large role in your life and that's what it was.

My original goal was to make it 72" square so she could snuggle under it with her three boys.  But I ran out of strings and wanted to finish it and gift it to her more than I wanted to get stuck on a size.  So it finishes at 60" x 66" which is still a good snuggle size.  Each block is 6 1/2" square (unfinished).  I followed Maureen's QAYG tutorial, using batting as my foundation.  I cut the batting 7" square as it stretched some during piecing and squared it up at the end.

It's my first quilt backed with Ikea's Britten which may not have been the best choice.  You can see the seam allowances through the back as it's quilt thin.  But, I'm not dwelling :)  I quilted diagonal lines through the white centers in both directions and bound it with a scrappy binding.

It's in the wash as I write this and will head off to it's new home tomorrow.

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Wednesday, 2 April 2014


I've been slowly cutting out triangles for the Triangle Quilt Along.  And I've been pleasantly surprised at how easy it is!  I'm using starch for the first time and cutting with my 6"x24" ruler.  Smooth sailing!  Except it's taking a lot of cutting to get to 204 triangles!

I've also decided that staying current with this Quilt Along will be my April goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes.  I have several other projects tickling at my motivation and I know it would be easy to set this aside and forget about it for months and months.

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WIP Wednesday

Last Wednesday was the first of FIVE snow days.  Since March 12th, my oldest has been to exactly two days of school thanks to March Break and storm days.  So really, it's amazing I've accomplished anything at all this week.

Most of my time has been spent working on my Scrappy Strings quilt.  It's just about ready to head to it's new home.

Cutting triangles for Paula's Quilt Along.  I'm going to work really hard at staying on schedule for this one.

An empty design wall was too enticing so I stole a few minutes to start playing around with my bee blocks from the Global Scrap Bee.  This was not my original plan but I'm liking it better.

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Monday, 31 March 2014

ALYOF March Scrappy Success

I did it!  I sorted and cut.  And then cut and cut.  And then cut some more.  It took waaaaay longer than I expected but as of Thursday I cut up my last scrap and it felt so good.  Not only did I cut it all but I used a whole bunch of it as well.  But enough words, on to the pictures.  Just a month ago my scraps looked like this.

         Just a reminder of where I started!

And today it happily looks like this!

6.5" and 3.5" squares

2.5" x 6.5" strips

On the left, 2.5" squares, most of which have been sewn up into 16 patches for Bits and Pieces II.  On the right, 2.5" strips for scrappy bindings.  I use scrappy bindings in all my scrap quilts.

My scrappy strings (less than 2.5" wide) have all been used up in my scrappy strings quilt.

It's such a relief to have this done.  And now I feel like my scraps will actually get used instead of intimidating me with their mess.  As to whether they will stay this tidy, who knows.  I know I am motivated to deal with them after each project when they are small and manageable.  But I also know that when I need to complete projects on a deadline things get messy.

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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Sunday Stash: Bite Sized

I have not been a big buyer of precuts so far in my sewing career.  But over the past six months I've collected a little stash of them.

I started with a charm pack of Botanics that snuck into my shopping basket (one of them anyway!) in the fall.

When I ordered fabric for Audrey's quilt in December, these mini charm packs were an inexpensive way to try out a few lines that appealed to me without adding to the shipping cost.  During my spree at the Intrepid Thread in February I added the Hello Petal and Color Me Happy charm packs.

I'll admit that I've been kind of stuck ever since.  What do you use precuts for?  Any favorite patterns that use charm packs?

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